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    applies for DP Manager :*



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    applies for DP Manager :*

    Post by Favelle on Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:11 pm

    Runescape Name: Favelle
    Country & Timezone:Sweden , Timezone: Stockholm.
    Combat Level?:136, maxed mage def and hp, open for becoming host.
    How long have you been a member of the clan?: Ive been host in sow54, I've been switching from both clans for betting Smile
    What is your total wealth?:total wealth atm is max 10m after getting hacked on 22b
    Write a paragraph on why we should accept you:U should accept me because I'm 1 legit dude who just are bored most of the times, i wanna make some money ofc and ill stay with the fc as long as I'm getting payed, help a brother out.
    What have you done so far to support the clan?:Ive been tipping my friends to join ur clan when u have nice streaks so they can make da bank bro.

    Ive been staking for almost 2-3 years, I've never scammed anyone and i would love to work with you guys, peace <3

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    Re: applies for DP Manager :*

    Post by BeardedBird on Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:42 pm

    dropparty manager =/= host rank

    gl though

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    Re: applies for DP Manager :*

    Post by SantaHats on Mon Jan 25, 2016 5:32 pm

    G L

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    Re: applies for DP Manager :*

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