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    great gamble for drop party manager

    great gamble

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    great gamble for drop party manager

    Post by great gamble on Fri Jan 22, 2016 8:57 pm

    Rsn:great gamble
    Time zone:Asia Pacific
    Been in this fc for more then a year and half some might remember some of my old rsn ...Hong konger,team jam3s,umanpreet,richierich,aishax,magicator,w54gambler and many more currently my bank is around a 1b and roughly in 8months I have gambled over 76bill and I have done drop parties quite a few times ranging from 20-100m and in the last 2 weeks have done 50m drop parties each for fc only......would really like to be a bigger part in this fc and would love my rank be from smiley to 1 stripe dp manager

    Ps I don't really use forum much so not sure if I'm submitting it correctly or not

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