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    Application Form [Updated]


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    Application Form [Updated]

    Post by Coin on Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:15 pm

    Application Form

    Things that increase your chances to become a host

    1. Socialize. Talk to people. Get to know the hosting team and the community members and get yourself known. Maintain active conversations ingame and on our teamspeak. Be an active poster on the forums.

    2. Help advance the clan. Bring out ideas that could help the clan grow or work more effectively and advertise Elite Ranks.

    3. Bet frequently, be helpful, create giveaways.

    4. Don't get in the clan's bad books. Don't be obnoxiously rude, immature, beg, spam or ask for a rank.

    Runescape Name:
    Country & Timezone:
    Do you have 99 magic,defence,hp?:
    Are you able to livestream while hosting?:
    How long have you been a member of the clan?:
    What is your total wealth?:
    Write a paragraph on why we should accept you:
    What have you done so far to support the clan?:

    Don't forget to include any past experiences you have with gambling clans or hosting. Be creative with your application and update it frequently. Screenshots to provide proof of your bets, giveaways or simply to illustrate your application are always a bonus. The better your application looks the more it will stand out.

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