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    100m Giveaway Ideas?

    NBC News

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    100m Giveaway Ideas?

    Post by NBC News on Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:50 am

    So I've enjoyed this clan a TON, met many new friends, and been up a lot of gp in elite ranks. Recently I attempted to achieve my goal of buying a 2 bar rank in the fc. Sadly, There was not any 2 bars being hired, thus I went back to staking to try to make enough for 3 bar only to be down 1200m, aka a billion and two hundred million geepees. I always loved the thrill and challenge of rebuilding so in order to get that feel again I am going to wipe my bank which is worth 300m, 100m in random items I'll need in case I'm bored, and 100m in cash. I want to do something great for the clan as in my attempt to give back for all the good times and free stuff the clan has given to me. Please give me feedback on how I should giveaway 200m. I want it to be fun for many,enjoyable for all, and entertaining. All feedback is welcomed! I want to know how everyone can enjoy it!

    Once the 200m is given away,I'll try to rebuild again like I always do.

    Sincerely Yours,
    NBC News/Michael.

    I would like to do this giveaway on the 3rd or 4th of January incase anyone was wondering.

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    Re: 100m Giveaway Ideas?

    Post by Leonism on Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:43 am

    I like the number raffle where you gotta pick a number 1-200 then the results get streamed live hitbox, using random.org. It's pretty fun

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    Re: 100m Giveaway Ideas?

    Post by SantaHats on Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:45 am

    Bro Tysm for giving out 200m of your money which a lot .
    I suggest you do hide and seek and a drop party Very Happy
    and maybe some rolls Very Happy

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    Re: 100m Giveaway Ideas?

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