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    [Skilling]-[Questing]-[PVM]-[TASKS] <-- Only me . -GamerAure:ByAure-



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    [Skilling]-[Questing]-[PVM]-[TASKS] <-- Only me . -GamerAure:ByAure-

    Post by GamerAure on Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:18 pm

    First of all Hello to Everybody, And thankfully , you enjoy and find it , what you came for ! center]
    First Name:Aurimas
    Hobby: Game Playing, Drawing, talking with people, traveling,
    Games I Play: Rs3 , CS:GO , Lol, Skyrim, Dayz standalone.

    From Begi
    From where I should begin Ehm, Long story but there it goes. {Ill try make short on}
    I've start it playing game since I where 8 years old, first game I start it was CS 1.6 and after month later I found rs.
    I been so addicted to it, that i always want something in games i always get, because i never give up, my first
    skill wich one i got was Firemaking , thoise days ...
    Wont go so long talking about that, will be boring, so become Cora-Dyce host, Made money, train it to max account
    suddenly dicing , gambling gone, so i stuck to PVM, and questing, tasking, CS:GO some other games, just to move my
    mind from RS3 to don't get bored, and coming back by one goal, get stuff , and so, what else people cant get it.
    Then i found this clan, i became a host, got to Silver , and then I've got gone [More info ask James] Wont explain it.
    And that's for it, i making this post , because i start doing quests and skilling pvm, for GPs and i enjoy it, as i enjoy being host
    "Greenie BOSS" so let's began.

    1. Always respect me , and everyone else. Don't respect me - Ignore list.
    2. I never ask you for money, never ever , i have friends who helps me, so aware of imposters.
    3. If you don't go first , it's not a big deal, i can find a middle man [Host] For holding the money, and all progress i show to him.
    4. Don't spam, only vouch, or if you want to request an job for me.
    5. No shitty languages. This is not joking place. So have that in mind.

    Skillig stuff : Any kind of skill, time cannot say it how long ill take. Price depends on how much time i spend, what skill and so. Always post below , if i don't see it, or miss it , i am a lt online on teamspeak, of elite ranks. And we can prepare the deal. I can max poly accounts, for decent prize takes between 14-20 days to get maxed poly.

    Pvm Stuff : So what i can PVM? I this sector i am doing all bossies, I've done them all. For maxed people, less maxed. For team bossing, such as VORAGO, BARROWS : RISE OF SIX , YAKAMARU, BEASTMASTER DURZAG. And solo, KBD , Araxxi, Nex, and so.

    Questing stuff : I can do all quests, any kind of it, price is all depends , if you have skills for it, all requerments, , and so
    if i be doing questing, and i have to do some skilling, that means, i have be payed front, or ill stop doing questing still that place. Where i cannot doit.



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